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Do you Want an Authentic India Travel Experience?

India tour & Travel

As we have often said, believed and reiterated, your travels in your life are not complete if you have not traveled to India at least twice! Yes, I insist twice. Because India is so varied… one visit is just not enough. Even twice is not enough. Three visits are required to start getting to know the basics! I will recount you the story of a unique experience that one can participate in and most “genuine” traveler are not even aware of!

This particular experience takes place in the heart of Rajasthan. During the planning stages of your tour and travel to India you may not have come across or heard of this particular experience. However it is an intrinsic part of regular life in a special community in Rajasthan. Not far from Jodhpur, about 60 kilometers to the south, I once went to a village called Rohet Garh which used to be a small principality that once owed allegiance to the local Maharaja in Jodhpur.

From Rohet, I decided to do a proposed Village Safari wherein one gets to see the local Bishnoï tribes, their natural ways of living, a community that has been living to protect the environment for centuries and also some of the wildlife of that region consisting mainly of a certain species of black buck, wild rabbits, blue bull antelopes and the like. You are already far from any kind of concrete jungle. You are in the heart of medieval India. And even further than that, I descended upon a community that still practices traditional opium ceremonies. It is a legal custom, little known to people even 20 kilometers away that such a ceremony exists.

This ceremony has been in practice since centuries to resolve disputes between individuals overseen by a village elder, to celebrate weddings, to welcome visitors like myself and I was fortunate enough to be part of the process. The Opium is diluted multiform into a mildly bitter liquid and is then offered by the village elder in the presence of other elders to me in the palm of his hand and I have to sip it. Due to my middle class Indian upbringing, I was evidently hesitant. But seeing all the people around me being super eager, I realized that I was being a dork! There is no real danger.

I took the mandatory three sips of the liquid mixed in Opium. I expected my head to reel, hallucinations to appear before me. Nothing of that sort happened! It is just a convivial ceremony to get people together. So at the end of it, we were unknown folks talking to each other and enjoying the great moment.

All of you who have traveled the length and breadth of the country during your tours and travels in India, have you ever experienced something similar? I am sure you have not. Such an experience can come only from people who know about it. And genuine local operators who propose authentic India holiday packages can give you a feel of such experiences. Maavalan is one such company who guarantees that your tour to India will be full of such experiences and your travels in this country will make you richer by the day. You just have to ask them to make it happen for you.

Attractive Packages For India Tour

Attractive Packages For India Tour

I remember this client of mine from the past, who later became a very close friend, who was an avid traveler and possessed a keen interest in cultural interactions with the local population and a desire to learn about historical architectural artifacts. Having traveled extensively in many countries in all parts of the globe, she had fixed her sights towards the East and willing to visit India. She started studying about India; the various options offered by tour operators; she started looking at those packages for India tour.

This is the critical moment. The choices that you make here are going to decide the outcome of your India tour. And fortunately at that very moment, after trying various operators, she got in touch with a reliable start-up company, it was pure chance, who were offering attractive packages for India Tour. The person who started communicating with her understood her interest to visit India. Rapidly they managed to design a customized package tour for India that fit her needs and her group and the adventure began.

Of course communication went on for a long time till the moment when she landed in India with her group of friends and family. Needless to say that the entire tour was a roaring success and she was extremely happy with the quality of services of a really small company hitherto unknown. From the numerous packages for India tour that were available, she was able to shortlist some and customize her itinerary according to her needs and the needs of her group. And all this happened over communication through mail with a person that she had never met; and this virtual stranger managed to gauge and understand her needs fully and design her itinerary better than she could have ever conceived on her own. Her goal to visit India was fulfilled.

The company that she contacted was ours and the person she communicated with was yours truly. This is just one of our success stories. We have many such stories.

Your journey, your adventure to discover the unknown begins the moment you take the decision of your travel plans to visit India. And it starts ameliorating the moment you start choosing packages for India tour. That is where we come in, as experts of India, to guide and advise you on the correct choices of your India tour; be it the lush carpets of the tea plantations of Munnar or the heartbeat replicating drumbeats in the temples of South India or the white sands of the beaches off the coast of the Indian Ocean or the Romantic grandeur of the Taj Mahal or the timeless sands of the Rajasthan Thar desert in the midst of which stand impenetrable fortresses or the trekking routes of the Grand Himalayas, you will see such limitless beauty, culture and richness of diversity that you would be coming back to India again and again, each time with us, like all our past clients for more and more packages for India tour.

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