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Why You Should Undertake India Wildlife Tour?

India wildlife tour

There has always been a great debate when it comes to India wildlife tour; one opinion stands in the opinion that the wildlife should be set distinct from the visitors and thus no tourism should be encouraged. Another school of thought sees such wildlife tours as a definite means of conservation of the endangered flora and fauna of the country. India has more than 99 National parks and nearly 400 wildlife sanctuary. This is the reason the country has a lot to offer when it comes to wildlife. Now let’s decode as to why tourists undertake a wildlife journey here:

  • Rare fauna
    In the Indian National parks, wildlife sanctuaries and Bio reserves one can easily find some of the rare and endangered species of animals. Species such as the Bengal tiger, Asiatic Lions and one horned rhinoceros can easily be spotted here. The beauty of the tour is that the animals are let free and it is the tourists who are held in a cage van. The fun and excitement is definitely at its peak in such visits.
  • Beautiful display of flora
    Another astounding aspect of the National Parks is the beautiful flora that they flaunt. The lush greenery of the sanctuaries captivates tourists from all walks of life. The Valley of Flowers National Park and the Sunderbans National Park are tagged as the heavens for the people who loves green. These National Parks display the natural beauty for the botany lovers.
  • Conservation
    The wildlife tours conducted in various parts of the country in the different National parks and sanctuaries aid in the conservation of the rarest of the species of the plants and animals. The funds which are collected from the tourists when they undertake such tours is used only for the maintenance of the animals and their natural habitat. Such tours also make people aware about the importance of a beautiful flora and fauna and how we should conserve it.